Arq’s Backup Bouncer results


February 13th, 2010

The critical feature of any backup product is its ability to restore your files correctly. If it can’t do that, then it really doesn’t matter how fast it is, how easy to use it is.

Files on the Mac can have a bewildering array of important metadata attached to them, and it’s critical to restore all the metadata, not just the file’s main data (contents). Fortunately there’s an awesome open-source tool for testing whether your backup solution is capable of restoring correctly: Backup Bouncer.

Arq passes every Backup Bouncer test. It’s safe to use for backing up your files. What are you using for backup? Does it pass all the Backup Bouncer tests?

Here are the Backup Bouncer results:

Verifying: basic-permissions ... ok (Critical)
Verifying: timestamps ... ok (Critical)
Verifying: symlinks ... ok (Critical)
Verifying: symlink-ownership ... ok
Verifying: hardlinks ... ok (Important)
Verifying: resource-forks ...
Sub-test: on files ... ok (Critical)
Sub-test: on hardlinked files ... ok (Important)
Verifying: finder-flags ... ok (Critical)
Verifying: finder-locks ... ok
Verifying: creation-date ... ok
Verifying: bsd-flags ... ok
Verifying: extended-attrs ...
Sub-test: on files ... ok (Important)
Sub-test: on directories ... ok (Important)
Sub-test: on symlinks ... ok
Verifying: access-control-lists ...
Sub-test: on files ... ok (Important)
Sub-test: on dirs ... ok (Important)
Verifying: fifo ... ok
Verifying: devices ... ok
Verifying: combo-tests ...
Sub-test: xattrs + rsrc forks ... ok
Sub-test: lots of metadata ... ok