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Arq 1.3.10 is out!


March 29th, 2010

This release fixes several bugs:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with superceded packs not being deleted properly, causing “pack not found” errors.
  • Preserve selection when “OTHER COMPUTERS” node is added to the source list.
  • Fixed an issue with backup folder names that contain characters other than letters and numbers.
  • Remember the position of the main split view’s divider.

Pick “Check for Updates” from the Arq menu to automatically update to 1.3.10. Or download Arq here.

Arq 1.3.9 is out!


March 19th, 2010

Arq online backup for Mac version 1.3.9 is out!

This releases fixes several bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional crash in when refreshing the list of other computers’ backups.
  • Remember window position and size.
  • Fixed issue with excludes of type “relative path” and “starts with”.
  • Fixed rare crash in Arq Agent when network byte counter rolls over.
  • Retry on S3 timeout error.
  • Fixed memory leak in when changing S3 regions.

Official Arq mug


March 14th, 2010

My wife made this awesome corporate mug!

Arq mug

EU bucket support is here!


March 11th, 2010

We just shipped Arq version 1.3.3 with support for selecting the “region” for your S3 “bucket”.

If you’re located in the EU, you might get better performance if you select “EU” for the region when setting up Arq.

Get Arq version 1.3.3 here.

You can also change regions if you’ve already got Arq running. Just go to Preferences -> Advanced and click the “Change S3 Region…” button. Unfortunately S3 buckets can’t be moved from one region to another, so if you change regions, you’ll be using a new bucket, Arq and Arq Agent will restart, and you’ll need to reconfigure which folders you want Arq to back up.

Arq 1.3 is out!


March 8th, 2010

Feature Additions

  • Much better problem handling and reporting. When an problem occurs on a particular file, Arq continues backing up the other files. It logs the problems and displays an indicator to the user that problems occurred.
  • “Start at login” setting in preferences.
  • “Show menubar icon” setting in preferences — menubar icon is now optional.
  • Added a step in the setup wizard to make it easy to back up your home folder.
  • Added Delete-key shortcut for removing a folder from backups.
  • When the Internet connection goes away during initial backup of a folder, backup just pauses until it becomes available (instead of restarting the entire backup).
  • When restoring files, restore to original location if possible; otherwise restore to a “Restored by Arq” folder at the original location.

Bug Fixes

  • Added workaround for Apple bug reading Finder flags on symlinks.
  • Fixed issues with SOCKS support.
  • Improved behavior when Internet connection is intermittent.
  • If Arq Agent stops running (which only happens if Arq Agent crashes, which should be never!), Arq notifies the user and restarts it.

Pick “Check for Updates” in the Arq menu, or get it here: