Open-source Arq restore utility


April 6th, 2010

We just published an open-source command-line utility for restoring your Arq backups.

It’s on github:

It’s very simple to use. Just type “arq_restore” to list the backed-up folders, and “arq_restore <path>” to restore from a backed-up folder. arq_restore restores from the latest backup of the folder.

Our point of view is that your backups should be controlled by you, not by some “online backup provider”. Anything else doesn’t “feel” like backup.

This command-line utility is a key part of giving you full control of your backups. You control your backup data (it’s in your own S3 account) and you have the means to easily restore from it in the future without depending on Haystack Software.


We make Arq, a trustworthy backup app, since 2009. Arq backs up your files to your own cloud accounts (Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, SFTP) and encrypts everything for you before sending so that those cloud providers don't have access to your files. Give it a try!