Arq 3.2 is out!


June 12th, 2013

Arq 3.2 is a free update for all Arq 3 users.

The big new feature in 3.2 is restoring onto an existing folder. While it looks like no big deal on the surface (it just asks whether you’d like to overwrite the existing folder or not), under the covers it was a big change in the restore process. Arq now asks you for permission to launch a helper program as “root”, the super user. The helper program needs to be “root” so that it can write files into folders that your regular user account may not have permission for. Arq compares the existing file contents to the backup record and only downloads files that are different or missing. Then it applies all the metadata correctly as before.

Full list of new features:

  • Restore into an existing folder of files, only downloading the files that are different or missing. Restore runs using administrator privileges to avoid permission issues.
  • Added a “pause on battery power” feature — set it in Arq’s preferences.
  • Added a “setthrottle” command-line option to change the transfer rate setting. This is useful for those who wish to change Arq’s throttle setting via a script.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue during very large Glacier restores where Arq would request too many items, which would then expire from AWS before Arq got a chance to download them.
  • Improved memory usage and performance during Glacier restore and S3 restore.
  • Fixed 10.6-related crashes.
  • Fixed broken throttling issue.
  • Removed AddressBook features (pre-populating name and email in crash report forms and in-app purchase) so that users aren’t asked to give Arq permission to access contacts.
  • Added explanation of command-line options to Help documents.

To get Arq 3.2, pick “Check for Updates” from Arq’s menu.

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