Arq Backup to AWS Frankfurt Region


October 28th, 2014

Amazon Web Services just announced their new Frankfurt region 5 days ago, and now Arq supports it!

So if you’d like your data to stay in Germany, give Arq a try!

Starting with Arq in Germany

To get started, download Arq and launch it; choose Amazon, and choose the “EU (Frankfurt)” region:

Backup to AWS Frankfurt

Then enter your key pair, and that’s it! Arq will, by default, back up your home folder. (You can add other folders if you wish.)

Adding Germany to Arq

If you’re already using Arq, pick “Check for Updates” from Arq’s menu to get the update. Then go to Arq’s preferences and add a destination; choose Amazon and choose “EU (Frankfurt)” for the preferred AWS region:

AWS EU Frankfurt

Then choose a bucket name:

EU Frankfurt bucket

Back in the main window, pick “Add Home Folder to Backups” from the menu, or select “To Amazon Frankfurt” and click “Add a Folder to Backups” to add specific folders:

Add Folder to AWS Frankfurt

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