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Arq Backs Up to Your Dropbox Account


February 23rd, 2015

Arq 4.8 is now available, and it includes support for backing up to your own Dropbox account!

If you already have a Dropbox with 1TB of space, now you can use that space for your Arq backups. The Arq backups go into the folder /Apps/Arq in your Dropbox account.

As always, all your data are encrypted before they leave your computer, using a password that only you know, so your files are safe and secure; and the backups are in an account that you control. All the other features of Arq apply as well, including versioned backups, full OS X metadata backups, email notifications, and the ability to restrict which wifi networks Arq uses.

You can even combine Dropbox with other destinations in Arq. For instance, you can back up all your files to both Dropbox and your SFTP server. Or back up some files to your Dropbox account, some files to your Google Drive account, some files to your Amazon account, and some files to your SFTP server. It’s entirely up to you. For example, I’m backing up a variety of folders to 4 different destinations:

Screen Shot 2015 02 23 at 11 02 39 AM

This update is free for all Arq 4 customers. Pick “Check for Updates” from Arq’s menu to get the update. Or download it here: Download

- Stefan