Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect information about how you use our website, what pages you view, as well as billing and contact information if you purchase a license from our online store. We will ask for contact information for free-trial activations. We also collect information about Haystack Software license activations for the purposes of advertising promotions and licensing enforcement. The usernames, passwords, server names and configuration settings in our software are not collected or transmitted to Haystack Software.

What do we do with the Information we collect?

We will use contact information to email purchase receipts, software update notifications, security update notifications as well as a few helpful emails to get started with the software. We also may occasionally send out a promotional email. Nothing more than once per month and all promotional emails will have a link allowing to opt-out of all future emails.


In order to provide you access to Haystack Software’s online store and website, our web application requires the ability to store HTTP "cookies" on your computer. A cookie is a small file that your web browser stores, that is transmitted back to the web server when you visit our site. Our cookies contain a session and user identifier and possibly some of your settings. All modern browsers permit users to decide whether to accept cookies, but most of the functionality on will require cookies to be enabled. In order to understand and improve the effectiveness of our advertising, we may also use web beacons, cookies, and other technology to identify the fact that you have visited our Website or seen one of our advertisements, and we may provide that information to one or more third party advertising networks. The information we provide may include the time and date of your visit to our website, pages viewed, links clicked and other non-personally identifying information. Those advertising networks may recognize the web beacon or cookie associated with your visit to our Website when you visit other websites on which they serve advertising, and they may make decisions about the advertisements you see based on it. We may choose to work with Google AdWords, Doubleclick, AdRoll or other advertising networks. Each of these companies has its own privacy policy, which we encourage you to review. For more information about advertising and tracking online, visit the Network Advertising Initiative. This website allows consumers to "opt out" of the behavioral advertising delivered by member companies. Additional information on that program can be found here.


We will not disclose your email address, or other personal information, to anyone unless we reasonably believe it is necessary to comply with a subpoena, court order, law, or regulation. We may disclose your personal information or file data to the extent required to fulfill our legal obligation.


All personal information is collected via HTTPS secure communication and is kept in a secure database that is not subject to any unauthorized usage.

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