Arq Help

Scripting Arq

There are several options for controlling Arq via the command line. You can use these options via scripts to adjust Arq's behavior to your liking.

To use any of the following options, run the 'Arq' executable (within the bundle) directly from the command line (or a script).

Start Backup Immediately

To tell Arq to back up immediately (equivalent to selecting "Back Up Now" from the menu), pause the argument 'backupnow':

            Arq backupnow

Pause Backup Activity

To tell Arq to pause, pause the argument 'pause' followed by the number of minutes:

            Arq pause 10

Resume Backup Activity

To tell Arq to resume backing up:

            Arq resume

Set Transfer Rate

To change the transfer rate ("throttle") that Arq uses, pass the 'setthrottle' argument followed by either'none', 'auto', or 'fixed'. If 'fixed', also pass the desired KB/second:

            Arq setthrottle none
            Arq setthrottle auto
            Arq setthrottle fixed 100